Full Service or Self Service

Which to choose Full Service or Self Service

There are numerous people who are moving one place to another within US and moving takes up a lot of energy as well as time for them. Here, is where the moving companies come into play, but the types of services they offer can make things even more confusing for people who are contemplating to hire moving services. There are basically two types of moving services that are offered by
the plethora of moving service companies in the market: Full Service moving and Self Service Moving.

If one is looking into hiring any of these companies for moving their household goods then it is imperative for them to judge the advantages and disadvantages integral to these services. Let us have a look at the attributes of the Full moving services and Self service moving one by one.

Full Moving Services:

This is a type of service where the moving companies take complete responsibility of the move. The basic facilities that are provided by the moving companies under their full moving services are packing, loading, transportation, unloading and even unpacking. The person whose belongings and household items are being moved does not need to even look into anything other than making timely payments to the moving company.

The moving companies have trained professionals who take care of all your moving needs and you need to just tell them about the specific things that you require. The moving companies have licensed drivers and they are capable of driving long distances without causing any type of damages to your goods. Household items are
prone to damages during transit, but packing professionals hired by the moving companies ensure a safe packing for all types of household items. This is not possible by a novice like you and me. The biggest benefits of hiring a moving company is that they take whole responsibility of the goods that are being transported and any types of damages are taken care by them.

The disadvantage of the above service is that you need to have a deep pocket because the services are very costly. One more thing is that you have to be very careful to avoid scams and need to conduct an extensive research before hiring a moving company.

Self Service Moves:

Self service allows you to handle everything related to your moving except the transport of the goods. If you opt for this mode of service then you have to look after the packing, loading and unloading of your goods. Since the moving company is only responsible for transporting the goods from one place to another so, they do not charge a big amount.

There are also some downsides of this service because it is you who has to take the pain of getting the goods packed, loaded, unloaded and unpacked. Since, you are not a professional so there is always a chance of getting the packing wrong. This is a serious thing as a bad packing can leave your goods vulnerable to the
perils of long distance transit.

So we can see that there are both positives and negatives attached to both the types of services offered by the moving companies, but it is you who has to judge the right service according to your moving needs.