Moving Broker

A moving broker can help you to find a reliable moving company that offers the lowest rates. However, you need to look for a move broker with a good reputation, and to make sure that he or she will act in your best interests.

Bear in mind that current consumer protection laws relating to moving household goods are applicable to motor carriers and not to moving brokers.

It is not easy to find reliable moving brokers by going through the yellow pages. It is best to talk to as many movers brokers as you can to find out what they have to offer.

Ask the relocation broker if he or she is working with any of the moving companies. Ask for references and take time to call them up to find out about their experiences.

Avoid making any payments in advance to moving company brokers, and be cautious if you get a moving estimate that appears to be unrealistically low.

Be frank with movers and show them everything that has to be moved so they can give you accurate moving estimates. You may end up paying much more if you are not frank and honest while dealing with the moving company.

Try to find established moving companies that have been in service for many years, and have offices in your area. Visit the office of the moving company you are considering to verify its background and make sure that it owns the trucks it uses.

Shop around for the best offers and contact as many moving services and movers brokers as you can. Obtain moving quotes in writing from at least three moving companies and brokers before you select one of them.

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