Moving Checklist

Moving can be a disorganized and demanding process. There are a lot of belongings to organize, facilities that need switching, kids who have to be admitted in new schools, locating a good mover and packing all the stuff in the house. It is not simple to get everything organized in a proper manner.

You can keep yourself prepared and organized with the help of a simple moving checklist. This way you can be sure you do not leave out anything important. It is recommended to commence the list well in advance, in fact even a month or more prior to the move helps. Write it down and leave it where it is visible to everybody like on refrigerators and mirrors. Every time you see the checklist, you can to through it and revise the order if necessary.

The moving checklist must also include specific instructions and details like notes and steps for particular operations. Delegation of tasks can be specified by clearly stating the person’s name next to the required task. The time frame can be chalked up by noting down earlier tasks at the top and last minute decisions and options left at the bottom. As each hurdle is crossed, the task can be struck off to prevent confusion in future.

Checklist used on the day of actual moving:

  • Search drawers, closets and shelves twice to ensure they are empty.
  • Check all the rooms, the attic, the garage and the yard and see that no objects get left behind.
  • Important documents, money and jewellery must be carried on your person, or registered mail can be made use of.
  • All meter readings are to be noted.
  • Read your list of items and verify it against the moving company’s invoice.
  • Keep the list, the invoice and the bill carefully with you.
  • The thermostat and the water heaters can either be turned off or turned low.
  • The name of the driver and company of the moving truck containing your belongings must be noted down carefully along with their contact numbers.
  • Review the exact address, location and directions to your new home with the driver.
  • Possess enough money for paying the final bills, tips and for emergencies.

Day of Delivery:

  • Verify your possessions cautiously and note down details of any damaged objects on the register formalities.
  • Unless other engagements have been completed in advance, pay the driver prior to your belongings being unloaded by a certified check, cash or travelers checks.
  • Oversee the delivery and unpacking of your goods diligently.

For the new home:

  • Your auto registration, driver’s license and tags are to be renewed.
  • Try to find fresh indemnity policies, particularly for vehicular coverage.
  • Your will and other legal documents can be reviewed to keep away from elevated legal fees.
  • Locate essential services such as police stations, hospitals, fire stations just near your home.
  • The locks on every door in the new house must be replaced.

Using this simple moving checklist, you can avoid a lot of hassles during your moving process.